Mao and Me

The cover of my first graphic novel. I'm in love with drawing Mao even more now. His swollen face and his mole and his hair are so fun to draw.
I was trying to sell them to small book shops around the city these days. received some rude rejections but it was fun doing all these.


a nice weather to draw, trick or treat, make music and sleep

pan done in figure drawing. graphite and colour pencils on tissue papers i think.


The weather out there in California is the best in the year. couldn't help skipping class. so i skipped


random pans

having a calm state of mind these days


summer splashes and paints

i painted my guitar!

a stencil for street graffiti i worked on with a frd this summer. my first time making a stencil and tagging it on walls. love how it attracted tourists, how we searched for quiet corners and how we tried to escape from cops while spraying around the city. damnit why didnt i do it earlier?


a country of modesty

i spent 11 days in Korea last month, staying at sangeun's house
wt a lovely country made up of beautiful ppl with both outer and inner beauty
i luv the food. i luv the ppl. i luv my korean school frds and my newly met frds. i luv the pace of living. i luv how clean the streets are. i luv the electronic toilets. i luv the nerdy guys with big plastic glasses and mushroom hair.
every bit of the Korea made me feel depressed after going back home where ppl stick their noses up in the air

missing Korea

some sketches...

zoo....all the animals look depressed

michelle park's park, Pinnacle Land in Asan

i had so much fun thxxxxxxxxxxxxxx again, guys!



1st year film
warning: this film contains scenes of chopping and knocking down of body parts! people with special medical conditions or under a minimum height should consider before watching. Thank you!



a poster for a film from the film directing department.
painted with acrylics



inspired by "5 ways to kill a man" - Edwin Brock

more colour n design stuffs

My grandma. I wish she could walk and come out with us again like how she used to when i was little

Album cover designed based on a canto pop album: Infinity Journey - Ivana


a short story about a poor music note

i like torturing my characters because i cant do it in real life.
btw, im done with my first year film which i dun really like that much.
but i can anticipate that my next film will be amazing!


more figure drawings... on plates

a good way to deal with my short attention span during figure drawing class

my princess poopie. ugly is beautiful!

final film!! it is freaking me out!!! finish it or die in shame!

whole year of figure drawings....

old stuffs....


taking photos of all these figure drawings is giving me a back pain =S