a country of modesty

i spent 11 days in Korea last month, staying at sangeun's house
wt a lovely country made up of beautiful ppl with both outer and inner beauty
i luv the food. i luv the ppl. i luv my korean school frds and my newly met frds. i luv the pace of living. i luv how clean the streets are. i luv the electronic toilets. i luv the nerdy guys with big plastic glasses and mushroom hair.
every bit of the Korea made me feel depressed after going back home where ppl stick their noses up in the air

missing Korea

some sketches...

zoo....all the animals look depressed

michelle park's park, Pinnacle Land in Asan

i had so much fun thxxxxxxxxxxxxxx again, guys!


  1. modesty lol ahhhh still wish that i were there too but i am sure we have more chances in the future! hehe i love ur drawings<3 especially asan one XD

  2. i always imagined u were in korea with us.
    like heejin clubbing in kang nam

  3. i luv ur pics
    enlarge them , so diff to see.

  4. lowb, haha. they're thumbnails
    click on them and u get the larger ones