"Mao and Me" is interviewed!

Thanks yingzi for the wonderful article. you made me sound a little smarter
Thanks Joyce for the scanning!!


  1. May I know where to purchase the book in Hong Kong? Tried the Kubrick website but couldn't locate it =) Thanks and love the article of Mingpao weekly about your book.

  2. Thanks, roses!
    Kubrick is in Yau Mei Tei, next to broadway cinema centre, which is right across yau mei tei police station.
    The books used to be in HKID too, but they are sold out in the tst branches. The one at the Peak should still have stock.
    You can also try out 序言書室 in mk woman street.

  3. Dropped by Kubrick today and your book are all sold in there.

  4. Thanks Angel. I think right now only 序言書室 and the peak have stock. There should be more copies in the other shops soon.