2nd Year Film is up

ORIGIN from Jessica Poon on Vimeo.


In the Spring, there lived two droplets of water, the mother and the son.

They lived as one.

Until one day, the son said, “I’m grown up. I want to leave home to take a look at

how wide the sea is.”

Poor mother! She knew it’d happen sooner or later!

However heartbroken she was, she bid her son farewell

by giving him all the potassium, magnesium and calcium he needed.

“Eat healthy and sleep plenty. Take your minerals daily,” she said,

“The river you don’t know is full of adventure,

but also danger;

irresponsible dumpers and contamination;

apathetic winter that lasts like forever;

and big bullies. Oh! They are pretty scary.

You can neither refuse to move on or return,

however bad you miss home.

Only can you keep traveling...

Until you leave the stream at the river mouth,

and combine with a grain of salt

to become a part of the sea.

By then we’ll be completely separated.

However, don’t you worry, my son.

One day when you start to miss me,

know that I’ve been missing you for the whole time.

Think of where you’re from

The air will eventually raise you into the clouds,

where you’ll become pure and we’ll be one again.”

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